This is an event run by hairdressers, for hairdressers.  It isn’t about trends.  Its about total freedom… Pushing boundaries… Expressing the extraordinary.  So be part of a whole new hairdressing experience. Be part of Exhibit.

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"Participating in Exhibit meant being a part of a new wave in our industry - a movement away from competition, towards collaboration. Exhibit is a celebration of hairdressing’s creativity and a testament to what we can do when we join together. It provided a platform for us to express a creative idea without restriction."

We are proud to have been consistently recognised as the top salon team in the country since we first opened 7 years ago. The combination of our unique cultures, specialty skill sets and creative passions is what defines us. We are famed for our salon collections, as well as our work in magazine editorial and on catwalks around the globe.


Toni Mascolo and Brother Guy co-founded the first TONI&GUY salon in 1963 in Clapham, London, joined later by their two brothers Bruno and Anthony.  By the late 1990's the company had grown from a single salon to over a hundred in over 20 countries world-wide.

TONI&GUY have remained at the forefront of the hairdressing industry and has pioneered the professional hairdresser, exceeding all industry standards to make expertise available on a global scale.

TONI&GUY is the 'Official Sponsor to London Fashion Week' and create the hair for over 60 designer catwalk shows each year working with top designers including Giles Deacon, Todd Lynn, Jean- Pierre Braganza and William Tempest.


Fabrik Director Jamie Dryden is a British trained stylist who has worked all over the world. Before opening Fabrik in May 2007 he was a senior member of the Charlie Miller creative team in his home town of Edinburgh, winning of the Avant garde Stylist of The year.

Jamie has also worked in Auckland for VADA where he took part in show and fashion work nationally. Fabrik continues to be involved in creative work throughout the country.



"Participating in Exhibit gave us the opportunity to search deep within ourselves for creative ideas, which we could pull together in collaboration with stylists, makeup artists and choreographers. Exhibit gave us the opportunity to celebrate the art of hairdressing and explore our creativity and passion without boundaries”


Servilles founder Paul Serville has over 45 years of experience in the hairdressing industry and has seen his company remain at the forefront of this industry since 1984. Visionary leadership paired with skilled and passionate people has seen Servilles continually stay ahead of the game and become synonymous with hairdressing excellence. Servilles has earned over 85 industry awards, which are a result of a commitment to creativity, innovation and service. 





"Our participation created a sense of passion, engagement and unity towards a creative goal that was unlike anything else that we have experienced working together.The opportunity to share a fully realised creative vision in a non-competitive environment amongst our peers was something we all enjoyed and we hoped that the energies of all the teams involved would spark a new sense of creative dialogue within the hair community that was not driven by hair companies alone"

Greg Murrell

Ryder founder Greg has enjoyed a decades-long career in hairdressing and has a close relationship with the fashion industry. In addition to running Ryder, he has devoted much energy to fashion shows and photographic work for both iconic and upcoming New Zealand fashion brands. As long-time hair editor of Black magazine, he has produced dozens of original hair looks for every kind of editorial shoot.